A-Technics celebrated its sixth anniversary

«А-Техникс» отметил шестилетие

On December 7, A-Technix celebrated the sixth anniversary of its foundation

On this day, the company received numerous congratulations from the aviation authorities and the company's partners.

The head of Rostransnadzor Basargin V.F., the acting head of the Central MTU of Rosaviation Garkovets V.V., the general director of the Rossiya Airlines Alexandrovsky S.V., the management of the aviation scientific center of MAI and others sent their congratulations to the A-Technics team. The company was congratulated on social networks Aeroflot airline and Sheremetyevo Airport.

The head office of the company hosted a solemn event and awarding of employees on the occasion of the birthday of A-Technics and the International Civil Aviation Day.

On the part of Rostransnadzor, letters of thanks were noted:

  • Mikhail Korobovich - General Director;
  • Udovenko Yuri - Head of Production;
  • Grudinov Sergey - Head of the Department of Economic Security;
  • Pavel Baranov - Head of the Quality Control and Guarantee Service;
  • Osipov Sergey - Deputy Head of Production for Operational Maintenance;
  • Limansky Ivan - Deputy Head of Production for Periodic Maintenance;
  • Kravchenko Alexander - Deputy Head of Production - Head of the Sukhoi SuperJet 100 project;
  • Natalia Borisova - Head of the Legal Support Service;
  • Trifonov Dmitry - Head of the Information Technology Service;
  • Andreev Alexey - Branch Director (Orenburg branch);
  • Kiselevich Vladimir - Chief Engineer;
  • Paleyeva Lyudmila - Deputy Head of the Personnel Management Service for Personnel Issues;
  • Bidenko Yulia - Leading specialist of the group for contract work support;
  • Mikhail Aleshkin - Lead engineer for the LED of the Periodic Maintenance Shop №1;
  • Chirkin Andrey - Lead engineer for the LED of the Periodic Maintenance Shop №1;
  • Sergeyev Evgeny - Leading engineer for AIREO of the Periodic Maintenance Shop №2;
  • Selivanov Vitaly - The leading engineer on AIREO of Shop of periodic maintenance №1;
  • Kozlov Alexander - Senior engineer of the Shop of periodic maintenance of the interior №1;
  • Dmitry Samkov - Lead engineer for the LED of the Periodic Maintenance Shop №1;
  • Anton Suminov - Leading Engineer for Air Defense of the Operational Maintenance Shop №3;
  • Saltinov Evgeny - Shift supervisor of the Shop of periodic interior maintenance №1;
  • Nikita Kashirov - Shift Supervisor of the Operational Maintenance Shop №3;
  • Igor Fadeev - Senior Engineer of the Interior Periodic Maintenance Shop №1;
  • Khromenko Boris - A leading engineer for AIREO of the Maintenance Shop of Russian equipment;
  • Oleg Gridnev - Senior Engineer of the Interior Periodic Maintenance Shop №1.

For the first time, a new award of the A-Technics Star company was presented at the event. Its first nominee, by unanimous decision of the heads of departments, was Elena Minakova, head of the planning and dispatching department. This award will be awarded annually to the best employees of the company.

The results of the internal corporate nomination contest dedicated to the company's birthday were also summed up. The winners, according to the results of an open vote on the company's internal portal, were:

  • Nomination «Guru of the collective» - Viktor Taratorin, Lead Engineer for LED;
  • Nomination «Mind, honor and conscience» - Alexander Pavlenok, Lead Engineer for LED;
  • Nomination «Discovery of the Year» - Nikita Olegovich Popov, Aircraft Technician by LED;
  • Nomination «Positive attitude» - Eduard Inkov, Aircraft Technician by LED;
  • Nomination «Mr. Elusiveness» - Vitaly Matsyuk, Shift Supervisor of the RT TCO;
  • Nomination «Mr. Creativity» - Andrey Avdeev, a leading engineer for AiREO;
  • Nomination «Miss Elegance» - Akayeva Aminat, Senior Engineer of the Personnel Training Department;
  • Nomination «I'll find a needle» - Sizov Vladimir, Aeronautical Engineer;
  • Nomination «Family contract» - Alexey Smirnov, Aircraft Technician by LED;
  • Nomination «It's hard to be a leader» - Vitaly Kirkin, Head of the RT Central Research Center;
  • Nomination «Mr. A-Technics» - Andrey Anyutichev, Deputy Head of the Department for Operational TCO RT;
  • Nomination «Mrs. A-Technics» - Svetlana Gingold, Senior Specialist of the Office management Group.
All the awardees were presented with commemorative certificates and valuable gifts with the symbols of A-Technics.


A-Technics is one of the largest providers of aircraft maintenance and repair on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS, part of the Aeroflot Group. Performs maintenance of Boeing 737, Boeing 747, Boeing 777, Airbus A350, Airbus A320Family and SSJ 100 aircraft. It is the only organization in Russia with unique competencies in terms of performing periodic maintenance of the latest Airbus A350 aircraft, as well as performing heavy forms of maintenance of Boeing 747 and Boeing 777 aircraft.

A-Technics has three valid certificates of approval from the aviation authorities of the Russian Federation, Europe and Bermuda: FAP 285, EASA Part 145, BCAA OTAR Part-145 Option 2.

The company has hangar complexes at Sheremetyevo and Orenburg airports, as well as linear stations in Belgorod, Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov, Sochi, Stavropol and Krasnoyarsk.

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